Betty Draper Goes to Work

Retro Flare Dress Floral Fifties Office Business Trench Outfit BudgetRetro Flare Dress Floral Fifties Office Business Trench Outfit Budget-7Retro Flare Dress Floral Fifties Office Business Trench Outfit Budget-8Retro Flare Dress Floral Fifties Office Business Trench Outfit Budget-4

Gosh I just love a good retro look. I never finished watching all of Mad Men, but I’m not ashamed to say when I did watch it was mostly to ooh and ahh over the ladies’ outfits. I couldn’t help but get a Betty Draper vibe from this dress, and since I’ll be wearing it to work the title of this post came naturally.

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I have a ton of fit and flare dresses on my Amazon wish list right now, and this belted, floral one is my first purchase. I love the vibrant print that’s not overly girly. It’s kind of nice to find a floral without pink every once in awhile, right?

Retro Flare Dress Floral Fifties Office Business Trench Outfit Budget-12

I’ve always found this style of dress to be universally flattering and easy to wear for many occasions. If you need an Easter dress or are attending some graduations this spring then I think this dress is a great choice. It comes in several colorways, too.

I’m wearing a medium, but probably could have ordered a small. The belt has plenty of holes to cinch in the waist, though, so it isn’t too much of an issue. I’ll be throwing it in the dryer to shrink it just a bit.

How do you feel about the retro fit and flare silhouette?


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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Candy Stilettos says:

    beautiful xxxo

  2. Mary Murnane says:

    What a gorgeous dress! The print is stunning and the fit perfect! Love!


    1. Thank you, Mary! I’m wearing it to work today and have already gotten several compliments. Great buy!

  3. Love the fit and flare silhouette and this dress is gorgeous on you! I never did watch Mad Men but loved the fashion too.

    1. I hope it’s not just a phase, but I’ve been loving everything retro lately. I do have a soft spot for ladylike fashion!

  4. Kristin, I love it! So, so beautiful! why do I want all of the pretty dresses so much!


    1. Haha same here! It takes so much self control to not buy them all!

  5. such a gorgeous dress! SO dolce and gabanna! Love it!

    1. YAS to anything that resembles D&G! Thanks, girl!

  6. Jennie says:

    This dress is positively gorgeous! I love the bold colors and pretty print.

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